Company Overview:

By taking advantage of the two increasingly popular forms of communication (Cellular & E-Mail), TONE2TXT has quickly become an item on every emergency responder’s wish list.

TONE2TXT provides an innovative solution to your fire department’s emergency communication needs.  Following an alert on your minitor/pager an additional alert will be sent via text message to your cellular phone. The text message sent to your cellular phone will contain our voicemail system’s telephone number. Upon calling our voicemail system you will hear a recording of the last call received on your minitor/pager.


 Don’t have a cell phone? We’ve got you covered. We can also send the audio from your station’s last alert to your email address.

How we got started:
TONE2TXT was developed by a firefighter in Pittsburgh, PA when he was unable to receive tones to his minitor while at his work place. Since cellular coverage was growing and becoming ever more popular he began working on a process that would send a text message to his cellular phone when his minitor was tripped. This process has greatly matured since then. Currently, TONE2TXT permits alerted individuals to call into our voicemail system to listen to their station’s most recent call. In addition, email alerts containing an audio recording of the last alert are also available.


Our Motto: No Man Left Unalerted!


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